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About a million years ago the Sentino river flowed much higher in the gorge of the Rossa and Frasassi than the current altitude and its waters penetrated inside the limestone massif that forms the same gorge. These cold waters mixed with the sulphurous ones dissolving the limestone rock and creating huge voids that generated the whole system of karst caves currently visible.
The first great discovery, that of the Grotta del Fiume, took place on June 28, 1948, while the Grotta Grande del Vento was discovered in 1971. Since then over 30 km of caves have been explored.
You can admire natural sculptures, stalactites and stalagmites, formed over 190 million years thanks to the work of water and rock and small ponds where dripping water stagnates.

Natural surface light does not penetrate the caves at any point,therefore the lighting is completely artificial and uses only cold white lights that do not produce heat in order to maintain a constant temperature.

The caves can be visited all year round (closings: December 4th, December 25th and from January 10th to 30th) with different times according to the seasons. Here you will find all the useful informations.