Str. Pigno Monte Martello 103, Cagli (PU)
0721.799204 / 333.8660350

DONATE & FORGIVE: art therapy workshop

Enzo Bianchi said that “Giving is spontaneity and gratuitousness. The dance of the gift does not provide for reciprocation: I give so that you give to others ”.

Forgiving is a way to change yourself. Forgiveness also means freeing a prisoner and discovering, perhaps, that that prisoner was you. An experience of liberation through colors, where you can experience the joy of giving love and kindness first to yourself and then to others.

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December, a journey to discover our inner world.

COSTS: € 95 per person. Overnight in a double room

Reservations must be received by the previous Saturday and the course will be activated with a minimum of 3 couples confirmed or, in any case, 6 persons.

It is possible to reach the farmhouse on Saturday morning before 8.00 or the previous Friday afternoon (in this case the price of the overnight stay will follow the ordinary price list)

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