Str. Pigno Monte Martello 103, Cagli (PU)
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Organic Farm

The farm extends for 40 hectares, of which 20 destined to arable land with certified organic method;the crop system is cereal-fodder with zootechnical and human orientation. The other 20 hectares are coniferous and broadleaf forests where the animals grow and graze in a semi-wild state divided into 2 enclosures: one for suckling sows and the other for the weaning and growth of the animals in groups. The pigs, grazing in the open air, feed spontaneously on the products of the undergrowth among which there is also acorn and their daily ration is supplemented by barley, protein pea and chestnut ground on the farm.

The work we made over the years have produced a meat of the highest quality in terms of consistency and aroma, whether eaten fresh or stuffed.

We are also one of the very few farms that can boast the production of meat at km0: the animals are born, grow and are slaughtered within the same farm.
Slaughter, in particular, takes place in a special room in compliance with the animal and the current rules on the administration of food and drinks.

Confezioniamo pacchi di carne mista di suino da 10 kg al prezzo di 11.50€ al kg IVA inclusa. E’ possibile prenotare telefonicamente o al contatto whatsapp il proprio pacco e venirlo a ritirare direttamente in azienda. 

In the farm there are also sheep and short animals also raised in a semi-wild state and fed with farm products.